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100PCS 5x2mm N35 NdFeB round magnet DIY puzzle magnet toy super multi-function refrigerator magnet


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Metal
Model Number : 5×2
Age Range : 10-12Y,13-14Y,>14Y
Pieces : 100


Neodymium round magnet-5mm x 2mm (100PCS)

Strong magnetic force and small size;

The strong magnetic force is concentrated on only one side, the other three sides are almost non-magnetic, and the magnet is not easily broken.

Its magnetic force is equal to 5 times that of a magnet of the same volume.

It can move freely on the black metal surface.

Permanent magnetism, long service life

Color: silver
Quantity: 100PCS
Shape: round
Size: 5mm x 2mm

The magnet is very fragile. No collision with other metal objects (including other magnets)

Keep away from pacemakers, medical precision equipment, and electronic equipment.

Disassemble carefully, the strong magnet may hurt your fingers.

Not suitable for children. Children need to use it under the supervision of their parents.

Don’t eat it by mistake, and don’t put it in your mouth or any part of your body. If any magnets are swallowed or inhaled, seek medical attention immediately.

All magnets may be damaged. The broken magnet is very sharp. If it is damaged, discard it completely. The fragments are still magnetic. Do not swallow it, otherwise it will cause serious damage.

If you are allergic to nickel, avoid prolonged contact with neodymium magnets.

Do not cut or drill the magnet.