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1080P Mini Wifi Camera 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery IP Camera Mini Camera AI PIR Human Body Detection Alarm IR Night


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Max. Resolution : 1920×1080
Model Number : 71
Pixels : 2 Mega
Image Sensor : CMOS
Interface Type : USB
Package : Yes
Auto Focus : Yes

1080P FHD camera, more clear and smoother

Adopt CMOS sensor, capture extremely sharp light with low noise, get amazing images, you can view more details clearly than 720p camera.

Wireless wifi connneciton and AP hotspt connection, remotely viewing

Support wireless wifi connection, connect the camera with wifi, remotely view the camera when you are in another place, even if you are in another country.

Support AP hotspot connection,the camera keeps recording and videos stored in the sd card even without the internet, and the camera can connect with the phone to playback the videos.

WIFI mode and DV mode, 2 modes in same one camera, one camera with two different uses

Turn on wifi mode, connect the camera to wifi, to achieve remotely real-time monitoring even if you are in another country.

Turn on DV mode, use it as the DV recorder. Built-in battery and easy to carry with mini size, you can use it as the GoPro and the dash camera, record what you want no matter when and where you are.

PIR human infrared detection alarm

Built-in PIR human infrared sensor, once the camera detects human body infrared radiation, the camera will generates a electrical signal, the electrical signal will trigger the alarm, the alarm will send by the APP push message, FTP and emails to you.

The PIR human infrared detection can efficiently filter the invalid alarms such as the curtain flutter caused by a gentle breeze, only alarm when the camera detects human body.

Three methods to alarm you, APP push message, FTP and emails alarm.

Super clear IR night vision, invisible IR lights, not easy to be find

Built-in 6 pieces 940nm SMD IR LED lights, visual is supper clear and view more details even in the dark night.

Invisible IR lights, the IR light is not flashing and no brightness when the camera works at night, not easy to be find by other people.
Put it in the office,home, store or other place, when the thief break in the monitoring area you can immediately get the alarm to your phone while as they don’t know you are watching them.

1500mAh Lithium rechargeable battery, about 10 hours normally use with each full charging

Rated power of the camera is 2.05W, each fully charging the camera can use about 10 hours,while as other brand only can use about 3 hours.

Standby power is as low as 0.002W, it can last about 350 hours( about 14 days) each fully charging, the real low power consumption camera and the real long standby camera.

Built-in high performance microphone, hear what happened around

Super audio processor, pickup sound from long distance and capture more sound information, let you know what happened around.

Visible SD card slot and cloud service storage, sd card storage can reach up to 256GB

Visible sd card slot, support sd card storage, support 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB sd card, easy to store and when the sd card is full the new videos will replace the oldest video to achieve loop recording and storage.

Cloud service storage, save the videos in the cloud, download the videos any time any where and the storage space is unlimited.

Multi- platform simultaneous viewing and multi-users simultaneous viewing, share with others

support computer PC, ipad, laptop, android, ios phone or devices connection.

4 users can login the camera and viewing at the same time, an Eye4 account can add up to 64 cameras.