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20 Pcs Oscillating Tool Blades Set 6 Types Swing Head Saw Blades Set Hardware Accessories


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 20pcs

1. 20 Pcs contain 6 different kinds of saw
blades, for cutting wood, metal plastic and other materials, each type of saw
blade is specific for a particular purpose. Our oscillating saw blades can meet
a variety of needs, which could be used for workshop, household or other place.

2. Made of alloy steel and high carbon steel,
our oscillating multi-tool blades are manufactured with special techniques and
thick gauge metals due to which it becomes durable for a long period.

3. Built-in length markers on two sides, one
side is inch and other is centimeter, ensure you can get accurate cuts easy and
fast while you working with it. 2 kinds of special design precision saw blades
have longer wavy tooth that is specifically designed to provide faster, cleaner
cuts in wood and plastic.