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6 Piece Set 4 12 20 32 MM High Speed Steel Step Drill Triangle Shank Straight Groove 6 8 10 Serrated Drill Set


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Center Drill Bit
DIY Supplies : Woodworking
Origin : CN(Origin)

1.FivePears step drill and drill-milling cutter, two-in-one 6Pcs/Set is suitable for lithium electric drills/hand drills/bench drills and other equipment. Note for users of lithium electric drill: 12V lithium electric drill has insufficient torque, so it is not recommended to use it. It is recommended to use 36V and 48V lithium electric drills.

2.Step drill: The surface of high-speed steel material is plated with titanium, which makes it have higher hardness and wear resistance. The drill bit adopts 118°X type opening design, which can effectively prevent the drill bit from slipping. Double straight grooves make quick drilling and smooth chip removal. The universal triangular handle is suitable for all kinds of equipment and is more sturdy.

3.Drill and milling cutter, two-in-one: high-speed steel is used to plate titanium on the surface to make it have higher hardness and wear resistance. The drill adopts a 35° oblique blade design, and the cutting edge is sharp and wear-resistant. Special serrated edge, horizontal sawing after drilling. The universal round handle makes it suitable for various devices.

4.Step drill bit and drill bit milling cutter, two in one 6 pieces/set. Metal/wood countersink, metal cone 32MM