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AC 220V 8 Channel MCU TTL Level 8 CH Optocoupler Isolation Detection Test Board Isolated Module Tester Processors PLC


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Accessory Type : USB To DC Cable
Compatible With : MCU, ARM, raspberry PI, Arduino

Functuon: test if ac 220 v is available Output level ttl: can use mcu to test, voltage is 3-5 v The output can connect plc 24 v Wiring: When connecting the plc input, the com terminal of the plc is connected to the 24 v power supply, the input is connected to the signal outputs S1-S8 of the board, opto-coupler gnd is connected to the negative of the power supply. Blue terminal 5.0 is connected to voltage 220 v, yellow output of the pin signal. When the 220 v voltage is normal, it will output low level; when 220 v is turned off, it outputs a high level. note: Do not touch any part of the white wire frame on the board after the module is turned on, as it is high voltage. Pay attention to the safety of electricity.