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Active Shutter 3D Glasses For DLP-link 3D Projector Rechargeable Eyewear


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Overview and Specifications:

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Origin : CN(Origin)

1.The 3D glasses can work with nearsighted glasses and give you more vivid 3D scene.

2.USB Charging port ,charging 2-3 hours,standby about 40 hours

3.LED indicator light flicker to prompt operation


Project Specification Value difference
Contrast 1000:1 ±200
LCD refresh rate 120Hz
Absolute light transmittance 38% ±2%
Response time at room temperature 2ms ±0.5ms
Lens switch time 10%-90% 1.64ms
90%-10% 0.52ms
Color temperature 9300K ±3000K
Viewing angle 30° around 15° ±5°
Polymer battery 60mAh ±2mAh
battery voltage 3.7V
Storage time after installation About 2 months
Rated working current 1.1mA ±0.2mA
stand-by current 10uA ±2uA
Continuous working time 40hr ±5hr
Overall weight 34.5g ±0.5g
Synchronously DLP white light
Support 3D synchronization frequency 96/100/120/144HZ ±1HZ