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Air Conditioning Air Outlet Cleaning Mud Multi-functional Cleaning Glue Car Wash Mud Crevice Cleaner Car Computer Cleaning Clay


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Weight : 0.08kg
Shelf Life : 1

1. Can easily remove dust,debris and mites from the car  and  can clean mobile phone, shoes, windowsill, etc
2. Cheap, simple and practical:this cheap cleaner could be used for over 1000 times till the color turn to dark. When cleaning finished, just put the box at cool place. (NOTE: don’t wash the gel with water.)

3. Safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell:made of biodegradable gel, it won’t leave a residue on the items you’re cleaning,not sticky to hands,smells sweet with lemon fragrance, totally no stimulation to skin.


Name: Multi-functional cleaning glue

Size: about 17.7*12CM in package

Composition: water ,ethanol, methyl isothiazolinone, aromatic agent

Weight: 70g in bags, 200g in boxes

Packaging: aluminum foil bags, boxes

Introduction: Multi-functional soft glue, strong dust absorption performance, effective clearing keyboard gap and other dead coke, can also be used to clean

Clean mobile phone, shoes, windowsill, etc