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All-metal Durable Spinning Fishing Reel


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Overview and Specifications:

This Fishing Reel is high-end, durable, strong, powerful, and is recognized for its quality and durability by many anglers.

Make fishing easier! 


+ 10KG Max Drag, fishing big fish is no problem!

+ Metal gear, brass spindle, creating a stronger internal drive system, optimizing the matching of driving gear, and twist stick.

+ Metal spool, bold guideline ring, alloy handle, EVA grip, have a high-quality body.

Smooth & Consistent – The reinforced stainless steel main shaft and Zinc alloy drive gear paired with triple carbon washers give you smoother and more consistent performance, no more stuck or line breaking

This means improved impact resistance and less body flex. At the heart of the reel, state of the art Hagane gears are cold-forged for lasting durability and smoothness. Infinity Drive Technology offers an improved winding experience, optimizing winding torque by 26%. Silent Drive further improves smoothness by eliminating worm shaft and drive gear play.

A new and improved compact rotor design features in the 8000 sizes and has made the reel 50g lighter than this comparable fishing reel model. 


+ Brand: LINNHUE

+ Spool Capacity:1000-7000

+ Color:Black Golden

+ Max Drag: 10KG

+ Net weight:

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE1000:
0.15/180; 0.18/160; 0.24/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE2000:
0.15/200; 0.18/180; 0.28/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE3000:
0.18/240; 0.20/200; 0.34/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE4000:
0.20/240; 0.25/200; 0.37/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE5000:
0.30/200; 0.35/160; 0.40/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE6000:
0.35/200; 0.40/160; 0.50/100

+ Line Capacity(mm-M)HE7000:
0.40/240; 0.45/200; 0.55/100


Package weight: 0.4KG
Package including:1 pcs HE Reel a Carton Box