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Anion Air Purifier Household Mini Humidifier Odor Remover Negative Ions Purifier Air Cleaner


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Air Volume : 50m³/h
Power (W) : Other
Voltage (V) : Other
Function : Deodorization
Installation : Mini
Type : Negative Ion
Certification : CSA
Anion Density : 2000000pcs/m³
Usage Condition : Household
Power Source : A.C. Source
Capacity (CFM) : N/A
Model Number : TS-05-7
Application area : 41-60㎡
Application : 10-20m³
Style : Air Purifier
Noise : ≤20dB
Power Supply : Alternating Current
Dimension : 170*170*120mm
Wind Speed : Standard
Benzene Removal Rate : 95.00%
Formaldehyde Removal Rate : 95.00%
Oxygen Supply : Below 1L/min
Origin : CN(Origin)

1: 20 million/second negative ions are perfectly released

2: Intelligent power saving, work for 2 hours, rest for 10

3: One key switch, low decibel

Name: Anion Purifier

Rated voltage: 90/220V

Input rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated power: ≤1W

How to use: Plug in the power supply, press the switch, the
indicator light flashes every 40 seconds.


1. This product is not suitable for children under 14 years old
as a toy, and follow the instructions.

2. If water or solution enters the product, please disconnect
the power supply in time and stop using it.

3. In the event of self-disassembly or modification of this
product, our company will not provide maintenance services.

4. Do not use equipment that exceeds the rated voltage to power
this product.

5. Do not store or keep in direct sunlight, high temperature
and humidity, or near flammable products.

6. Do not throw this product into a fire source.

7. If the product becomes severely heated or deformed during
the power supply process, please cut off the power immediately and stop using

8. Please paste transparent glue or other stickers on the wall
corresponding to the brush on the back of the negative ion purifier. Because the
long-term release of negative ions corresponding to a point in close distance
will cause the wall to change color. If it is a tiled wall, it does not need to
be pasted.