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Autel EVO 2 Pro Drone Foldable 6K HD Camera 9KM Image Transmission Wear-resistant Stand-alone Multi-electric Version


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Package Includes : USB Cable,Remote Controller,Charger,Operating Instructions,Batteries,Original Box
Remote Control : Yes
Power Source : Electric
Charging Voltage : 5V
Charging Time : 5H
Dimensions : 31cm-50cm
Warranty :
Remote Distance : 10KM
Warning :
Plugs Type : USB
Controller Battery : 5000mAh
Control Channels : 4 Channels
Action Time : 35Min
Controller Mode : MODE2
State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go
Age Range : > 14 years old,> 8 years old,Grownups,12-15 Years,8-11 Years
Model Number : Autel EVO 2 Pro
Certification : CE
Barcode : No

1. It is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly ABS plastic material through multiple processes such as oil injection. It feels smooth, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has excellent anti-collision and anti-drop performance.

2. The appearance design is trendy and avant-garde, the lines are smooth, and the foldable design is convenient for storage and carrying.

3. The upgraded version of EVO 2 Pro aerial drone is equipped with a 6K ultra-high-definition camera, Sony IMX383 sensor, video resolution up to 30fps, AR adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11, the operator has it in any shooting situation Excellent performance and flexibility, good at capturing amazing details.

4. The 12 image sensors construct a 3D world for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, which can avoid obstacles on six sides up, down, left, and right, making the operator’s shooting experience to the extreme.

5. EVO 2 Pro is a 6K folding drone (48 million pixel camera, support 6K video shooting), capture resolution up to 5472*3076 professional content. This resolution allows users to flexibly print out images over 100 inches wide. Make the picture taken wider and zoom in on the screen more clearly.

6. The upgraded version of EVO 2 Pro is equipped with a 7100mAh high-density intelligent lithium wave rechargeable battery as standard, which can provide up to 35 minutes of flight time (forward movement).

7. The upgraded version of EVO 2 Pro is also equipped with a battle lock system to prevent battery ejection during high-speed maneuvers or hard landings, and always ensure the safe operation of the battery.

8. The drone has a 9-kilometer image transmission distance. A longer range means a stronger signal, allowing operators to always keep in touch no matter in a crowded urban environment or in a dense forest.

9. Computer vision sensor controlled by dual-core processor and artificial intelligence machine learning provides comprehensive protection. It can detect potential hazards in the 30M range, allowing the EVO 2 Pro upgraded version to more accurately control the speed of the drone, avoid collisions, or actively avoid evasion, using the radar function to give the operator more under control Environmental information.

10. The remote control comes with a 3.3-inch display, you can choose to connect to a mobile phone for dual-screen operation, or you can complete flight or shooting tasks through the remote control.

11. This is a stand-alone version.

Brand: Autel

Model: EVO 2 Pro

Flying time: 35min

Controller screen: 3.3 inches OLED display

Sensing method: 12 omnidirectional computer vision sensors

Maximum transmission distance: 9Km

Drone battery: 7100mAh

Version:  stand-alone multi-electric version