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Door Bottom Sealing Strip and Gap Sound Insulation Tape


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Overview and Specifications:

Have you encountered these kinds of problems?

*1. air conditioning cannot keep your room cool or warm

*2. Always have dust in your room

*3. Noise reduces the quality of your sleep

*4. Its ground is usually soaked after being twisted and rainy

This is the reason why we need these seals under the doors

* The draft door stopper moves conveniently with your door – no need to bend constantly to reposition yourself! It has a vinyl cover that is easy to cut to a suitable length and very easy to clean. Double-Sided = Double Protection! Also excellent for blocking noise and fumes.

* The pull stopper slides over the carpet, wood, tile, linoleum, and more to move easily with the door.

* Fits doors up to 36 inches long. The foam and vinyl tubes can be cut to fit narrow doors. 2-inch diameter Jumbo foam tubes are perfect for blocking extra-large spaces under your door. Can be used for your front door, rear door, garage entrance door, bedroom door, bathroom door, etc …

* Cut the airflow stopper to the size of the windows to help prevent drafts and seal with hot or cold air. Flexible material allows the airflow stopper to form as your windows.

Insulate your windows to block all outside airflow

Installs quickly and easily. A great way to seal all maintenance indoors at the perfect temperature. Clean the area with a cloth and a mild cleaning solution, let the air dry.

Package Includes:

1 X Sealing Strip (93cm / each)

Kind Remind:

Please allow the difference in manual measurement.