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FQ777 BM-325 Wooden Puzzle Toddler Learning Toys Magnetic Fishing Game Stacking Math Counting Games 4-in-1 For Kids


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Wood
Age Range : 2-4 Years
Model Number : BM-325
Gender : Unisex
Warning :
Features : Educational

1. The use of high-quality wood and
environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic and odorless, safe and
environmentally friendly, durable and playable.

2. After dozens of processes such as
material selection, cutting, chamfering, polishing, painting, etc., the surface
of each building block is guaranteed to be delicate and smooth, and sharp
corners and burrs are eliminated, just for the safety of the baby.

3. Powerful magnet, not easy to fall
off, easy to catch small fish, exercise baby's hand-eye coordination ability.
Use fishing hand movements to exercise your baby's ability to use hands and
brains, stimulate potential, and drive brain development. Every fishing is a
test of patience, and you can train your baby's endurance and concentration.
Through the game, the baby's cognition of numbers, colors and shapes can be
improved, so as to achieve the effect of developing intelligence.

4. As a four-in-one multifunctional
children's toy, in addition to fishing, it can also perform simple counting and
mathematical operations on the baby, which is very helpful for cultivating the
baby's sense of space, number concepts, imagination and creativity.