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GT-24 2.4G Digital Wireless Transmission Module Nrf24l01 Pa Lna 1100 Meters Long Distance 24l01wireless


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Accessory Type : Extension Board
Compatible With : MCU, ARM, raspberry PI, Arduino

Model: GT-24
Module size: 30.3 × 14.5mm (including PCB antenna)
Operating frequency be: 2.4 ghz ~ 2525 ghz (adjustable, 1 mhz step)
Interface mode: 1 * 8 * 1.27mm / 2 * 4 * 2.54mm (the patch can also be used with the universal plate and dupont line)
Supply voltage: dc 2.0-3.6 v (note: above 3.6 v, the module will be permanently damaged)
Communication level: 0.7vcc 3.3v (vcc refers to the module’s supply voltage)
Measured distance: 1000 m (clear open space, maximum power, height 2 m, air speed 250 k)
Transmission power: 4 adjustable levels (maximum 20dbm, approx. 100 mw at maximum power)
Air speed 250 k ~ 2 mbps / 3 adjustable levels (250 kbps, 1 mbps, 2 mbps)
Shutdown current: approx. 30ua (test condition: ce = 0, shutdown mode, vdd = 3.0 v)
Emission current: about 90ma (the power supply capacity must be greater than 250m)
Receive current: about 20ma
Antenna shape: pcb antenna / ipex carrier antenna
Communication interface: maximum spi speed up to 10 mbps
Transmit length: single packet 32 32 bytes level 3 fifo
Receive length: single packet 32 32 bytes level 3 fifo
Rssi support: not supported (only simple packet loss statistics are supported)
Receive sensitivity: -94dbm @ 250kbp
Working temperature: -40 ° c + 85 ° c (industrial grade)
Storage temperature: -40 ° c + 125 ° c (industrial grade)
-The GT-24 module is a 2.4 ghz, 100 mw, high speed (air speed up to 2 mbps), high stability, integrated industrial-class wireless transceiver module for data transmission.
-The module comes with a high performance pcb antenna, precise impedance matching, and the nrf24l01p rf chip, which has greater reliability, more power levels, and a longer transmission distance and less power than the nrf24l01.
-Also built in rfx2201 power amplifier chip, built-in lna, receiving sensitivity increased by 10dbm, working on the 2.4 ghz ~ 2.5 ghz ism.
-The module has sufficient transmission power, good spectral characteristics, small harmonics, small crostalk channel, and ultra-small size. It is a model of all murata raw materials and industrial grade standards.
-Has a standard spacing of the 2.54mm in-line ratio and the 1.27mm patch ratio, which is convenient for users to use with multiple circuits.

-The GT – 24 module also comes with an internal PCB antenna and an external IPX carrier antenna, which greatly increases the module’s free features and gives the user greater freedom.