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Halloween Dinosaur Animal Hand Puppet


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Overview and Specifications:


– Fun interactive entertainment, suitable for Halloween, the weekend holiday parent-child interaction, puppet design, then the house game safety, more conducive to the development of children than video games, realistic dinosaur modeling head, in the play, to understand the dinosaurs, fun, safe and reliable.

– Soft glue material technology, the softness is good, the product that keeps out glue technology to make is soft and comfortable, has very good flexibility.

– Pure manual coloring, safe and non-toxic, environmental protection, and no odor.

– Blisters do not fade and feel soft.

– It feels soft, safe, and environment-friendly. It is made of healthy materials and won't fade after washing.




Name: Children's Puppet Toy

Material: Environment-friendly rubber

Applicable age: Over 3 years old

Maintenance: Wet cloth wipe

Size: As the picture

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex Hand Puppet Head (Brown, Green), Double Crown Dragon Hand Puppet Head, Raptor Hand Puppet Head, etc.

USES: Halloween, Cosplay, Children's toys, Amateur collection, Simulation scene