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HUION H320M Graphic Drawing Tablet 5080LPI 8192 LCD Eye Protection Screen Low Power Dual Layout USB-C Interface


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : H320M
Interface Type : USB
Package : Yes
Sensor Type : Electromagnetic pressure sensor
Material : EPE
Resolution Ratio : 4000lpi
Category : Handwriting board
Pressure Sensitive Series : 1024
Size : 245*205*50mm
Precision : ±0.1mm
Weight : 480g
Time to market : Jan-00
Application of Operating System : Windows
The Highest Reading Speed : 133pps
Size of Sensing Area : 101.6*152.4mm

1. Using LCD eye protection screen
design, no bright light, no blue light, no radiation, comfortable eye
protection, no dust, no ink, safe and secure.

2. Low power consumption design, a
CR2016 button battery can provide 1 year of use time, long battery life, energy
saving and environmental protection.

3. The H320M tablet adopts an
excellent combination of 8192 pressure sensitivity and 5080LPI handwriting
resolution, which can smoothly express the slight changes in the user’s hand
strength with the smooth strokes of the thickness of the lines. With the
assistance of software, it can simulate close to the real Handwriting effect.

Product Type: Digital Tablet/LCD

Reading height: 10mm

Handwriting resolution: 5080LPI

Induction method: passive
electromagnetic induction

Accuracy: ±0.3mm

Pressure sensitivity level: 8192

Pen model: PW100

Interface type: USB-C

Control buttons: 13 customizable
hard shortcut keys

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Product weight: 650g

Compatible system: MAC OS X10.11 or

Android 6.0 or later

Battery type: CR2025 (handwriting