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Huion Q620M Graphic Drawing Tablet Wireless 5080LPI 8192 266 Points/sec USB-C Interface USB 2.4G Connection


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : Huion Q620M
Interface Type : USB
Package : Yes
Sensor Type : Electromagnetic pressure sensor
Material : Acrylic
Resolution Ratio : 5080lpi
Category : Digital Plate
Pressure Sensitive Series : 2048
Size : 383*240*38mm
Precision : ±0.1mm
Weight : 600g
Time to market : Dec-12
Application of Operating System : Windows
The Highest Reading Speed : 250pps
Size of Sensing Area : 261.1*163.2mm

1. The 360-degree freely rotating
Dial encoder and 8 custom shortcut keys can replace the mouse and keyboard, and
can easily perform multiple operations with one hand.

2. 2.4G wireless connection and
wired connection can be switched at will, free creation within a wireless
transmission radius of 10m, free from the shackles of data lines, transmission
without interruption and delay.

3. It can be connected to an Android
phone or tablet computer to automatically match the painting area of
166x104mm, which is convenient for travel and portable to improve

4. 8192-level high-pressure sense,
sensitive response and delicate strokes.

5. Adopting passive electromagnetic
induction technology, the pen body comes with 2 custom buttons, and the
built-in passive high-efficiency chip avoids the trouble of charging, and retrieves
a more natural brushstroke experience for you.

6. It can read 266 points of contact
between the pen tip and the board at a high speed per second, and can quickly
and agilely perceive every gesture of the pen, without delay or lag, consistent
with the hand speed.

7. Built-in 1100mAh battery, 5V 1A
fast charging efficiency, about 20 hours of working time, enough to meet your
daily power needs.

Brand: Huion

Model: Q620M

Digital pen model: PW500

Host weight: 666g

Pressure sensitivity level: 8192

Pen induction technology: passive
electromagnetic induction

Handwriting resolution: 5080LPI

Shortcut keys: 8 custom shortcut
keys and Dial

Reading speed: 266 points/sec

Dimensions: 375.5 x 220.4 x 8mm

Inclination: Inclination recognition

Computer working area: 266.7 x

Support system: Windows 7 or above,
MacOS10.12 or above, Android 6.0 or above

Mobile phone working area: 166.7x

Wireless connection: USB 2.4G

Interface: USB-C