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JADO G840H Dash Camera 12-inch 2.5D Curved LCD Display Dual Camera Waterproof With SD Card


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Frames Per Second : 30
Chipset Manufacturer : Other
Assembly Mode : Rearview Mirror
Battery : None
Interface : Micro SD/TF,WI-FI,USB2.0,TV-Out,HDMI,AV-Out
GPS logger : Internal
OSD Language : Russian,Russia,Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese (Traditional),Chinese (Simplified)
Display Size : Other
Pixels : 1200Mega
Imaging Sensor : 1/4 Sony Ccd
Number Of Lenses : 2
Max External Memory : 128G
Special Features : Wifi Function,Led Light,Wide Dynamic Range,Automatic White Balance,Cyclic Recording,Real Time Surveillance,Anti Vibration,Anti Fog,Waterproof,Anti Surge Voltage Impact,GPS Tracker,Dual Lens,Bult in GPS,Night Vision,With Rearview Mirror,Led Display,Time&Date Display,SD/MMC Card,Cycle Recording,Motion Detection,Digital Zoom,G-sensor
Video Format : MPEG-4,AVI
Video Code : MJPG
Camera Resolution : 1920×1080
View angle : 170°
Memory Card Required Reding Speed : Class 10
Screen Ratio : 16
Touch Screen : Yes
Original Package : Yes
Battery Life :
Display : IPS
Rear Camera : Yes
Origin : CN(Origin)

1. The exterior design is exquisite and
generous, the lines are smooth and round, and the rear-view mirror is easy to
install. It is integrated with the original car interior and basically
maintains the original car’s true appearance.

2. When the car is started, the front and rear
high-definition video will be automatically turned on, and the parking
monitoring program will also be started to guard the car when parking.

3. Equipped with a 12-inch ultra-large 2.5D
curved LCD display, with strong three-dimensionality, full color and high
picture clarity.

4. Slide the screen up and down to adjust the
field of view. The front recording camera adopts a true six-glass lens, which
can be stretched freely, 140° ultra-wide-angle high-definition recording, F2.0
large aperture, 1296P pixels, transparent and delicate, clear and natural ,
Easily cover multiple lanes and improve driving experience.

5. The rear-mounted 1080P pixel wide-angle
waterproof camera with LED infrared light and automatic reversing image fill
light to ensure driving safety. The front and rear cameras can record at the
same time, automatic storage, automatic loop recording, no missing 1 frame, no
missing 1 second. The 3 screens can be switched with one key as needed, which
is convenient and quick.

6. Adopt a new generation of Huawei HiSilicon
flagship main control chip to ensure smoother and more stable system operation.

7. Equipped with a gravity sensor system, which
can protect important videos from being covered when encountering a gravity
collision or emergency braking, and easily retain accident evidence.

8. Support WiFi 0 data connection, and then
watch through the mobile APP to lock the evidence, avoiding unnecessary

9. Rear 1080P high-definition camera,
automatic switching when reversing, and with a reversing auxiliary line, to
improve the reversing experience and make driving safer. It is suitable for 99%
of mainstream cars on the market, with easy installation and simple operation.

10. Adopt 24-hour low-voltage parking
monitoring technology and new time-lapse video technology (need to be equipped
with JADO three-speed dedicated voltage reduction line), automatic protection.

11. Adopting intelligent motion detection
technology, the screen is automatically turned on when moving or collision, the
data is truly recorded, and the evidence is effectively retained. It supports
the brand new motion detection function when the flame is turned off, and it
automatically starts within the monitoring range without pressing a button and
automatically records.

12. With strong light suppression function, it
can easily cope with various complicated use conditions after recording, always
keep the picture clear and ensure driving safety.

13. It supports the new LDWS function. If the
vehicle deviates from the route during driving, it will automatically alarm and
give timely reminders to ensure driving safety.

14. Support starlight night vision function,
the screen will not be reddish or dark, no matter whether it is moving or
parking, it is not afraid of dark night images.

15. Supporting WDR broadband technology, it
can still show clear and detailed images under complex lighting conditions.
With the anti-shake processing technology developed by the core of JADO, it can
still shoot smoothly even in bumpy roads or collisions.