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JTEMAN L7 Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Bring Support Curved Screen 12 Inch Foldable Cable Aluminum Profile


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : L7
Charger : No
Compatible Brand : Universal
Material : ABS
Has Speaker : No
Use : Desk
Magnetic : No

1. The lazy bracket is made of cable
aluminum profile, which can still be restored to its original shape after
repeated bending and is not easy to collapse or break.

2. The amplifier is a foldable design,
which can be folded into a thin sheet when not in use, which is convenient for
carrying and storing. A light barrier is set up between the mobile phone and the
magnifying glass to block light and prevent astigmatism, enhancing the viewing

3. The screen is a curved screen design,
which enables the viewer to move the human body left and right while watching
the video while still maintaining the center of the video picture, which is
more stereoscopic.

4. The clip design is a stretch clip on
both sides to keep the phone in the center, and will not cause problems such as
video skew due to incorrect placement of the phone. The stretch range of the
clip is between 11 and 17cm, which can hold most mobile phones with screens
less than 6.6 inches on the market.

5. It can be used as an ordinary lazy
bracket, and a light barrier is added.

6. It can be placed on the desktop to watch
the video, and can also be used as an ordinary desktop live broadcast stand.


Model: L7

Specification: 25.5*24.5*3.5CM

Screen: 12 inches

Material: Acrylic lens and ABS shell

Applicable mobile phone: mobile phone
products within 6.6 inch screen

Net weight: 220g amplifier, 255g lazy
bracket, 475g complete set

Net weight: 12KG

Gross weight: 13KG