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LOTMAXX SC-10 Shark 3D Printer 3.5 Inch Touch Screen 3D Printer Multi-functional Desktop 3D Printer


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Color Print Speed : /
Model Number : /
Origin : CN(Origin)
CE Certification : No
Interface Type : USB
Voltage : 110V
Molding Technology : fdm
Maximum Print Size : 235*235*265
Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
Precision : 0.1
Fliament : PLA
File Format : STL OBJ AMF
Slice Software : /
Consumables Diameter : 1.75
Bed Temp : 100
Diameter Temp : /
Operating System : /
Maximum Working Speed : /
Maximum Printing Speed : 200
Language : /
Auto Leveling : Yes
Power Supply : /
Printing Speed : 60~90
Slice Thickness : 0.1~0.4

1.[Four-fan structure design]-There are four fans in the shark 3d printer so the fous-fan structure design makes shark 3d printer have a high-efficient heat dissipation system. In this way, user can print faster, compared with other ordinary 3d printers, it saves 30% of print time on average with using our LOTMAXX slicer. The larger the model it prints, the more time it saves.
2.[Bicolor printing]-Our SC-10 shark 3d printer supports bicolor printing with two extruders and one nozzle. User can use less time to print a more beautiful bicolor model.
3.[Auto leveling]- Our SC-10 shark 3d printer adopts high-precise auto-leveling technology with 0.1mm accuracy to increase the success of printing. It will auto-leveling every time when you start to print so it makes your print more accurate. At the same time, it also supports BL touch with one key to trigger auto leveling, making leveling easier.
4.[Resume printing and silent printing]-Our SC-10 shark 3d print adopts ultra silent driver TMC2208 to decrease its printing noise dramatically, it also can turn on night model, one tap to mute all the button taping and filament runout alarm sounds. At the same time, shark supports resume printing from power loss and a stopped print to avoid wasting models and printing time.
5.[3.5 inch mobile touch screen and 32 bit ARM]- Our SC-10 shark 3d print uses a 3.5 inch TFT and mobile color touch screen, with its vertical design and elastic apring, users are more convenient to operate and more aesthetic. Sharks uses a 32 bit ARM that means it can have better print performance with less power consumption.

Model:SC-10 Shark 
Material:Stainless steel