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OPEN-SMART Easy IO Shield for ESP32 Easy-plug Colorful XH 2.54mm Socket Sensor Module Expansion Board for Arduino


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Overview and Specifications:


This Easy IO Expansion Shield is compatible for 30PIN ESP32 board.

It is a connection bridge between the electronic building block module and the ESP32 board.

It extends SPI port, UART, I2C, PWM and analog INPUT pins for the board, so DIY enthusiasts, interactive designers can quickly attach the modules to the board and accelerate project development progress.

Easy to plug OPEN-SMART products with XH socket to this shield and do not need to pay attention to the connection. So it is great for Training institutions and visual programming education.


– Compatible for the OPEN-SMART ESP32 C board or 30PIN ESP32 board.

– Onboard TypeC USB connector to supply external 5V power.

– Onboard switch to select whether the power is from the typeC USB or the ESP32 board.

– Onboard suitable reset button.

– Onboard 5V to 3.3V DC-DC buck converter module, it can supply up to 1A for the whole board.

– All sockets onboard are XH 2.54mm pitch;

– I2C socket number: 3;

– UART socket number: 2;

– LCD pin header: 1, for OPEN-SMART Monochrome LCD module;

– Hardware SPI socket: 1, for TF card module to store some information;

– 3PIN socket number: 8;

– 4PIN socket number: 9;

– Onboard 4PIN socket for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor module;

– Analog input socket number: 4(34, 35, 36, 39),also can used to be digital input;

– Colorful socket: 3pin is blue, 4pin is yellow, 6pin is red.


Part List (Schematics and program can be sent ,Please contact us)

1 x Board