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Outdoor Personal Water Fliter Multifunction Portable Double Filter Inner Core Water Purifier Water Bag Washer Hose


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Use : Other
Water treatment machine Type : Pre-filter
Type : Activated Carbon
Certification : Other
Purifying Position : Other
Color : Blue
Material : Activated Carbon + Ultrafiltration
Model Number : 4363
Power (W) : /
Function : Direct Drink
Installation : Vertical
Water Yield(Liter/Minute) : 0.1
Time to market : Jun-15
5 Stage Filtration : No
Water Quality Requirements : Municipal Water/Well Water
Interface Diameter : None

1. Unique design, the water inlet
can match the regular bottles on the market.

2. The double filter inner core
composed of activated carbon and water purification filter element can
effectively filter harmful substances.

3. When you encounter a water source
with a lot of impurities, you can use a water bag to settle the impurities
first, and then use a filter and water to prevent excessive impurities from
causing blockage.

4. Extending the hose can extend the
range of water absorption.

5. The backwasher is a syringe-type
device used to clean the filter element to extend the service life of the

Name: Outdoor Water Purifier Set

Size: 21*2.5CM

Weight: 90g

Composition: water purifier, water
bag, washer, hose