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P-78WTC high-precision VU meter power amplifier DB strap backlit pre-amplifier tube amplifier level meter with driver board


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Two-piece
Material : Other
Model Number : TS-DB78
Origin : CN(Origin)
Is Smart Device : No

1. Product features
The VU meter is currently the most widely used volume meter. It uses the effective value of the average detector to determine the scale. It can only indicate the quasi-average value of the signal. The human ear’s perception of sound loudness is closer to that of the VU meter. Many people like to install a VU meter on the power amplifier.
The VU meter has better effect, the needle swings quickly, the response is sensitive, and the wide range voltage regulator circuit makes the working performance more stable.
2. Product parameters
1. Product name: VU level meter
Product net weight: 83g
Product size: 15.5*4.8*3cm
Backlight: Orange/White (3 LEDs in parallel 3.0-3.3V 60mA)
2. Product name: VU meter driver board
Power supply: AC/DC12-18V ≥5W
Product net weight: about 30g
Signal input: ≤ 0.775V
Model: TS-VU001
Product size: 60W*50D*25H mm
Backlight power output: 1.25V-11V 50mA
3. Instructions for use
1. AC/DC12-16V power supply.
2. L, G, R: These are the two-channel input terminals for low-level signals of the drive circuit board, which can be connected to audio from audio source devices such as mobile phones, computer sound cards, and front-end devices (the signals can be heard by headphones). L, G, R correspond to the left, ground, and right channels of the audio source device respectively.
Note: The output of the power amplifier cannot be connected.
3. Adjustable power “5K-V” is to adjust the brightness of the backlight of the vu meter.
4. Adjustable resistors “50k-1” and “50k-2” control the fluctuation range of the pointers of VU meter 1 and VU meter 2, respectively.
Four, debugging method
The level meter was mainly used in tape recording to monitor the loudness of the sound. There are two standards: 0DB=0.775 and 0DBV-1V to prevent the first distortion when overloading during recording.
1. Debug the level meter, find a signal generator, adjust the output frequency to 1KHz signal effective value 0.775v, connect the signal input of the drive board, and the pointer of the meter head points to the 0DB of the instrument panel.
2. The debugging of the VU meter, the adjustment of the VU meter is much simpler. Connect the audio signal to the driver board and adjust the adjustable resistance on the driver board to synchronize the loudness and rhythm of the ear to the sound with the pointer, and make the pointer swing moderately. When the sound is loudest, the pointer points to the 100% position of the label or the maximum value of the label scale.
5. Spare parts: 6 groups of cables