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P67 XHP70.2 Tactical LED Flashlight USB Rechargeable Outdoor Hunting ultra Bright 18650/26650 Flashlight Battery Set


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Lighting Distance : 200-500 m
Support Dimmer : 5-8 files
Lumen : other
Waterproof : Yes
Flashlight Type : Hiking, camping, self-defense, teaching, searching, hunting, daily carrying, night riding, caving, night fishing, patrol
Model of LED Beads : Other
Zoom : Yes
Switch Mode : Strobe
Color : Black
Battery Type : 18650,USB Charging
Certification : CCC,CE,FCC
Body Material : Aluminum Alloy
Wattage : 30W
Light Source : Other
Focal Length : Adjustable
Charger : Rechargeable
Function : Shock Resistant,Self Defense,Power Bank,Hard Light
Model Number : P67


Lamp beads model: XHP70 LED

Lens material: optical lens

Working gear: 5 gears (strong, medium, weak, fast flash, slow flash)

Product size: 16.1×4.3×3.1cm,17.8×4.3×3.1cm (length after zooming)

Applicable battery: 26650 x 1 / 18650 x 1 / AAA x 3 (excluding battery)

Waterproof rating: IPX5

Working voltage: 3.7V

Whether direct charging: USB direct charging (with dual input and output interface)

Power display: 4 LED indicators, each light represents 25% of power

Features: input and output, power display

1. P70 lamp beads, high brightness can reach 3000 lumens, and the service life is 100,000 hours;

2. Convex lens: Eagle-eye convex lens, good light transmission, not easy to damage, strong aluminum attack head to protect the lens from abrasion

3. Telescopic zoom: stretching the head left and right can zoom, astigmatism-condensing mode, convenient to use in different situations;

4. Central switch: high-quality natural rubber material, non-slip surface treatment, touch the switch to switch the lighting mode;

5. Battery contacts: The battery contacts are designed to have good electrical conductivity and effectively prevent poor contact.

packing list:
1 x flashlight
4 x 18650 batteries
1 x US standard dual charge
1 x USB charging cable