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Portable Speaker Modern Mini Subwoofer Creative Nut Shaped Wood Grain Music Player With Lanyard


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Subwoofers Types : Enclosed Subwoofer Systems
Model Name : Nuts
Color Name : Yellow
Item Size : 48*48*57mm
Item Weight : 75g
Material Type : Plastic
Voltage : 5V
Out Power : 2W
Frequency Range (Hz) : None
Impedance : None
Signal To Noise Ratio : None
Audio Sensitivity : None
Special Features : None

Main Features

Built-in premium driver units for great sound quality.

Creative nut-shaped design with wood grain for modern look.

Comes with lanyard for convenient carrying.You can hook it to your wrist or your bike handlebar when you are going outside.


[Link method]: Bluetooth connection

[Function]: Voice prompt call function
[Power supply mode]: Built-in lithium battery
[Baby name]: Nut Bluetooth Speaker
[Speaker power]: 5W
[Output power]: 2W
[Battery capacity]: 800mah
[Product size]: 48*48*57mm
[Product unit weight]: 75g
[Use time]: 8/h

[Charging time]: 4/h