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Quelima new pick-up version of water pipe leak detector HY928 enhanced version of high-intensity water pipe leak detector


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Plumbing
Power Type : Rechargeable
With LCD Screen Or Not : No
Model Number : H928
Origin : CN(Origin)

Color black+silver

Model Pickup version HY929

Material ABS+metal

Current consumption 10mA 10mA

Use battery Lithium battery 3.7V batteries

Probe sensitivity-10D db

The highest audio magnification is 20000 times 20000X

Penetration, water pipe/cement pipe/steel pipe

Answering method, earphone, 16 ohm speaker can be connected

Pickup Recorder When charging, the red light is always on / fully charged and goes out.

When the headset is plugged in to play/short press the previous song./long press to increase the volume

When the headset is plugged in to play/short press a song/long press to decrease the volume. Switch button

Headphone jack/blue light flashes to record sound.

/Plug in the headphones to enter the playback state, the green light is always on

USB charging port and computer connection

Insert into the TF card slot. The device SD card connector supports up to 32GB

Parameters: Charging method: power adapter output (DC5V 300mA)

Charging time: 3-5 hours. Battery capacity: 220 mA.

Sound collection time: about 5-6 hours, current about 40 mA, continuous playback time: about 6-7 hours, current about 35 mA. Support: 32GTF card

Function: The pickup recorder can collect sound separately, and automatically shut down after playing the HY929 device connector

Separate collection function, enter the connector collection state.

When connected to a computer, it will appear in the form of a U disk, and the collected sound can be copied to the computer. This recorder can also put in MP3 to enjoy songs.

Instructions for use:

One: When collecting sound: Press the switch button and the blue light flashes to enter the collecting state. When the earphone is plugged in, the current collected content can be heard immediately. After pressing the switch button, the blue indicator light goes out, and it stops working and shuts down directly.

Two: During playback: First plug in the earphones and automatically enter the playback mode, press the switch button, the green light is always on to enter the playback. Short press to pause, then short press to return to playback. When long press to adjust the volume, the green indicator light flashes until it turns to a steady light, which is regarded as the volume

Adjust to maximum or minimum. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to shut down directly

3: When connecting to the computer, the green light flashes to indicate that the connection is successful, and you can copy directly.


Used for leak detection of various construction pipelines

The sound level can be adjusted, the dual-probe design can be switched according to the actual situation, including the probe, and the probe,

Built-in battery, can be used repeatedly,

Instructions for use

1Plug the probe or probe into the audio input jack

2 Headphones plugged into the audio output jack

3 The red light is on when charging, and the red light is off when fully charged

Product accessories host detector*1 adapter*1 probe*1 probe*1 pickup*1 USB cable*1 earphone*1 manual*2