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Small handle four button paste multi segment bracket DVR stick bracket glue stick bracket


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 多段四扣支架
Compatible Action Camera Brand : Other
Type : Adhesive
Material : Plastic
Bundle : Bundle 1
Origin : CN(Origin)

This model is designed with 2 levels of left, right, up and down adjustable directions, bottom sticker (VHB) double-sided tape design, super adsorption, ultra-small and portable, fixed without shaking, reliable and durable! Suitable for GPS, navigator, driving recorder, DC, DVR, sports DV, camera, and directional antenna, etc. fixed, adsorption capacity (carrying lifting weight: 5KG, conventional use lifting weight: 2KG), can be adsorbed on any surface such as desktop and glass. It can be freely installed on the windshield or smooth surface in the car, and the connection interface adopts a uniform universal size, which is convenient, fast and reliable. The main body is black with brand new POM (high temperature resistance 120 degrees, low temperature resistance -50 degrees), the screws have been salt spray tested for 24 hours, you are welcome to buy

Installation Notes:

1. Tear off the protective film at the bottom of the suction cup;

2. Stick the adhesive side of the bracket toward the windshield or other surface of the car to confirm that the bracket is firm;

3. Install the mini recorder on the bracket and tighten the locking button;

4. Move the joint part through the shaft tuning knob to adjust the appropriate angle;

Small handle four buckle ZT03-B paste bracket
Scope of application: GPS (navigator), driving recorder and digital camera and sports DV common
Outer box packing: 54mmX31mmX31mm(400pcs/13kg)
Bracket material: interface POM, main body POM, paste 3M (VHB), passed environmental certification
Applicable environment: high temperature resistance 90 degrees, low temperature resistance -35 degrees (carrying hoisting weight: 15KG, conventional use hoisting weight: 5KG)
Bracket size: base 55mmX43mm, adjustable maximum: 60mm, packaging height 55mm, head can be rotated more than 360 degrees, universal interface size (product weight: 30g)