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Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Weight Weighing Scales Body Composition BMI Analyzer Health Monitor


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Function : Body Fat and Water Content Testing
Health Scale Metal Bonding Point : Other
Scale Type : Digital
Health Scale Weight Indication : Digital
Material : Toughened Glass
Pattern Type : Solid
Maximum Weight Recommendation : Other
Model Number : ITO-300
Shape : Square
Origin : CN(Origin)
Is Smart Device : Yes

Battery specification: 3*AAA

Bluetooth: CSUPB23

LCD/LED size: 78*32.5mm

Accuracy standard: 50kg±300g / 100kg±400g / 150kg±500g

Weighing range: 3kg-180kg

Overload weight: 183kg

Automatic zero weight: <3kg

Graduation value: 0.05kg

Default unit: kg

Unit conversion: kg/lb/st

Low voltage display symbol: Lo

Overweight display symbol: oL

Standby current: ≤25uA

Low voltage: 3.4±0.2V

Working voltage: 4.5V

Working current: ≤55mA

No load shutdown time: 30s

Shutdown time without unloading after weighing: 10s

Glass: ITO tempered glass

Decorative ring: stainless steel

Precautions for use

1. Do not use this product in humid, hot or cold environments
(temperature range 5-40°C);

2. When weighing on the scale, first stand in the middle of the
scale surface, and then balance your feet to the electrodes on both sides after
you stand firmly to prevent sideways and slips;

3. The product is a precision instrument, please do not drop or
shake or hit;

4. Please keep the product clean, do not use acid detergent to
clean the product;

5. Please do not perform measurement in places with high
vibration. Please keep your body stable and balanced during measurement;

6. To ensure the accuracy of the data, it is recommended that
each measurement be performed at the same time of day;

7. Children under 10 and adults over 100 are temporarily unable
to use measurement functions other than weight;

8. When the dry battery is exhausted, please remove the battery
in time to prevent battery leakage from corroding the scale body;

9. Those who have a pacemaker or other transplanted medical
equipment in the body are prohibited from using measurement functions other than
body weight.