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SupFire L6-D Flashlights Portable Waterproof Rechargeable USB Port 15W


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Pocket, Multi Tools
Size : L
Origin : CN(Origin)

1.  It is made of high-quality and high-strength aviation-grade
aluminum barrel, which is made by CNC and three-level anodizing process, which
is beautiful and super durable. 

2. The exterior design is exquisite and compact,
which is convenient for storage and carrying.

3. Using 15 watt high-power wick LED, and large-capacity 26650
battery, wide irradiation area, high brightness, effective range of about
200-300 meters, can be used in various harsh environments. 

4. It is a
multifunctional, high-power, high-brightness flashlight with 5 kinds of light
brightness that can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be used for daily carrying,
as well as backup lighting for outdoor, lighting, maintenance, home use, etc.,
and also for personal defense or outdoor applications The ideal flashlight.

5. Adopting high light transmission glass and aluminum alloy
light cup, the light blocking rate is low, and the effective utilization rate is
high. The center switch design is convenient and quick. The power is 15W, and
the long-range shooting distance is up to 300 meters. 

6. Equipped with a 3700 mAh
large-capacity 26650 lithium battery, which is stable and durable and can be
recharged more than 500 times. 

7. Equipped with a multi-function USB charging
cable, it can be intelligently identified and compatible with various USB input
power sources and has strong adaptability. 

8. Life-level waterproof, no fear of
wind and rain.

Brand: SupFire 

Model: L6-D