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Ugreen USB C HUB USB-C To 3.0 HUB HDMI Thunderbolt 3 Adapter For MacBook Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 Plus Huawei P20 Pro Type C


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Interface Type : USB Type-C
Ports : 3
Standard : USB 2.0
Funtion : None
Certification : CE
Model Number : HDMI+HUB+PD充电
Package : Yes
Length : Other
Plug Standard : None

1. This Aluminum USB C hub will be little hotter than plastic hub which is normal just like your aluminum alloy loptop/flash drive/smartphone will be hot after a long time use.
2.Charging laptop through our hub will be a little slower than charging direcly through the wall charger as this hub will cost about 7.5W for working.
3.If usb-c port does not support charging function,then it can NOT charge your laptop through this adapter,please confirm first whether usb-c port supports charging your device.
4. For 4K video output it only support 30Hz refresh rate and DOES NOT support 60hz refresh rate. Besides, the hdmi cable should be less than 5m.
5.When connecting to MacBook Pro,it might have an influence on Wi-Fi network,we suggest using a 1m USB 3.0 extension cable to keep USB3.0 device away from host laptop to reduce network interference.
6. Do NOT recommend you charge phone through USB port as USB port only can only offer 1.5A current and will charge your phone slowly.
7. Do NOT use 2 hard drive simultaneously or a lot of power hungry devices through the USB port.

1. Shell: ABS aluminum alloy shell
2, line length 17cm
3, resolution: 4K/1080P