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USB Wireless Receiver For Game Controller Xbox 360 PC, Wireless Gaming Accessories


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Compatible Brand/Model : Microsoft
Model Number : xbox360
Interface Type : USB
Package : Yes

1. With this Xbox 360 wireless receiver, you can use the Xbox 360 game accessories on your PC to wirelessly connect to the Windows platform for gaming and enjoy the fun of cross-platform wireless hardware.

2, this Xbox 360 wireless receiver uses 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, the receiving range is up to 10 meters, and the USB2.0 interface is used to connect to the personal computer, which transmits high speed and stable performance, giving the player the highest game enjoyment.

3. In addition, the Xbox 360 wireless receiver can be connected to a variety of Xbox 360 accessories, including the Xbox 360 wireless controller, Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel and Xbox 360 wireless headset. Players can connect up to 4 Xboxes at the same time with a single receiver. 360 wireless controller, 4 wireless headphones and a variety of wireless accessories.

1. The receiver can connect 360 wireless controller to the computer for wireless play PC game (the game needs support handle). It can receive 4 XBOX360 peripherals (such as handle, wireless guitar, wireless headset, etc.), receiver The wireless effective distance is ten meters. 2. The configuration requirements for the computer are: Windows XP Service Pack 1 or above, also supports Vista; Pentium 300 MHz or more; 128 MB or more memory; 150 MB or more hard disk space; USB interface.

Fifth, the method of use:

When the computer is first connected to the computer, the computer finds new hardware and prompts to install the driver. After the driver is successfully installed, press and hold the circular button on the receiver for about 1 second. The green light on the receiver will flash continuously, indicating that the code is in the code state. Then Press the pair code button on the handle to check the code. After the code is successful, you can play the game.

One receiver can receive 4 handles

How to use WIN7:

WIN7 system driver file download:
64-bit driver: (copy connection address download)
32-bit driver: (copy connection address download)

XP System Tutorial – 360PC Receiver
XP system driver file download: (copy connection address download)

First you need to install the Microsoft XOBX360 controller driver 1.2 WHQL driver, press the navigation button to start the X360 controller
At this time, the navigation button lights are 4 full lights, and the display is not connected.
Mouse select “Computer Right → Properties → Device Manager,
In the other device column, find the unknown device after you plug in the XBOX360 receiver.
Right-click on the property and select Update Driver.
Choose to manually find and install the driver software,
Select from the list of computer device drivers
After entering, select Microsoft Windows class public controller
After entering, select the XBOX360 Wireless Receiver for Windows file.
After installation, you will be prompted not to install the installation driver warning for this device driver, select Yes, continue to install.
After the installation is successful, the XBOX360 handle display has been found.
After entering the game, everything is normal, everyone can safely play the game, shake, and operate well!