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Wake Up Light Digital Alarm Clock With Snooze Function Touch Control Sunrise / Sunset Simulation Light


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Other
Feature : LUMINOVA
Display Type : Digital
Motivity Type : Digital
Style : Other
Screen Type : LED
Model Number : //
Weight : //
Diameter : //
Shape : Circular
Width : //
Length : //
Function : Touch Sensing
Form : Single Face

1. Simulate the sunrise wake up light, wake up slowly in your sleep, sleep intimate baby, gentle and considerate, let you sleep at ease, and wake you up warmly at the end
2. Simulate the sunset, the light slowly dims, like night falls, quietly help you fall asleep, the sunset time can be set
3. You can set 6 natural sound alarms or set FM radio alarms to wake up on time
4. Digital time display, 12-hour and 24-hour conversion, brightness can be adjusted in two levels.
5. Imitate the sunrise, soft luminosity, no glare, 7 color light conversion, 10 levels of brightness adjustment of yellow sunrise light
6. Clock alarm and snooze function, if you want to sleep more on Saturdays and Sundays, after the alarm rings, click snooze
7.Touch-sensitive color-changing light, RGB LED seven-color change, warm and romantic simultaneously owned
8. This product is equipped with 9PC warm white LEDs and 9 RGB LEDs, with natural sound or FM radio, waking you up diligently, it is a caring nanny

Product name: Early wake-up light
Model: XH-301
Size: 19*10.5*18CM
Weight: about 0.4KG
Input: DC5V 1A
Lights: 9 white lights and 9 colorful lights
Product material: ABS+PC
Power supply: USB-powered/dry battery AAA*2(not included)/EU plug