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Wurkkos HD20 USB C Rechargeable Headlamp 21700 LED light 2000lm Dual LEDs LH351D XPL with Reverse Charge Magnetic Tail


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Overview and Specifications:

Wurkkos is a new brand with good ideas and sofirn factory is doing ODM/OEM for them. Now it is authorized to sell on Sofirn AliExpress store.

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Wurkkos HD20 is a professional, bright angle-head flashlight and toollamp, designed for multiple indoor and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. With the supplied headband it can also be used as a headlamp. It is powered by a single 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, is rechargeable via USB-C (both type A-C and C-C cables) and can also work in reverse as a powerbank to charge external USB-devices. 18650 batteries can be used as well. Moreover, HD20 comes with an adjustable lanyard, a mag¬netic tailcap and a sophisticated user interface for flexible and convenient one hand operation.
Samsung’s LH351D and Cree’s XP-L HD emitter in neutralwhite tint (5.000K) enable HD20 to provide both spotlight and floodlight in one single flashlight. Using 90CRI for floodlight result in great color rendition at close ranges.


Emitter: 1x Samsung LH351D 5.000K 90CRI + 1x Cree XP-L HD 5.000K 70CRI
Operating voltage: 2.7V – 4.35V
Battery options: 1x 21700 or 1x 18650 lithium-ion battery
Dimension: 122mm (length) x 30mm (head diameter)
Weight: 130g / 0.28lb (without battery)
Water resistance i.a.w. IP-68 (up to 2m / 6.56 ft. under water)
Reverse polarity protection to protect against improper battery installation.
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR automatically reduces the brightness level when the driver temperature reaches 60°C to prevent overheating
Low voltage warning

Power Indicator
The LED indicator in the side switch shows the power status for 5 seconds after turning HD20 on.
Green = remaining battery power is good (more than 30%).
Red = remaining battery power is poor (less than 30%).
Flashing Red = critical power, replace or recharge battery as soon as possible.

Low Voltage Protection: If the battery’s voltage is lower than 2.7V, HD20 turns off automatically to avoid battery damage by overdischarge.

Package including

1.without battery: HD20 light,lanyard,O-rings,headband,battery tube, clip,user manual,USB-C cable
2with 21700 battery: HD20 light,lanyard,O-rings,headband,battery tube, clip,user manual,USB-C cable,4800mah 21700 high drain battery