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Youpin Nusign Electric Stationery Set For School Office Electric Eraser Electric Pencil Sharpener Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Age : >6 years old
Model Number : 1
Origin : CN(Origin)

1:IF Design Award, desktop new fashion

2:Includes table top vacuum cleaner, electric pen  cutter, electric eraser

3:Small size , does not take up space


Automatic Pencil Sharpener, won the 2016 IF Design Award

The design award, which is known as the “Oscar of Product Design Industry”, announced the 2016 winners. The New Jersey automatic pencil sharpener won the award with its innovative design and superb technology.

Stainless steel spiral hob, easy to insert and wear

Insert the pencil into the hole to start working. The sharp stainless steel spiral boring tool will cut the tip smoothly. When the pen is finished, the pencil cutting machine will stop the idling and start to idling. At this time, the pencil can be taken out to stop working. The pen is as simple as that.

Automatically eliminate broken core, and automatically eliminate the broken core does not affect normal work

When the pencil sharpener encounters the broken core condition during the pencil sharpening process, the broken core will be automatically removed, and the broken core will not affect the normal operation of the pencil sharpener.

Intelligent overheat protection, motor overheat protection system extends machine life

When the motor is overloaded and the temperature reaches 70 °C or above, the overheat protection system will automatically stop the motor. When the motor temperature drops to normal temperature, the pencil sharpener automatically resumes operation.

Electric eraser, double wipe in two ways

Two kinds of erasing options, manual erasing, clean and traceless, electric erasing, convenient and quick, do a good help for your study. 50 full erasers for long-term use.

Low noise electric eraser, breaking the traditional electric eraser

Built-in electric motor, can be electrically rotated and erased, the process of wiping is low noise, avoiding the influence on learning work. The eraser is soft and evenly wiped, which is not easy to cause damage to the paper, and has a long flowing appearance and comfortable grip.

Adjustable head length, durable head clip for easy replacement of the head

The length of the head can be adjusted according to personal habits. It is equipped with a durable head clip, which is convenient and quick to replace your needs.

Desktop cleaner, smooth vacuum without leaving traces

Built-in spiral fan, 360° spiral wind, 360° rising wind direction, all scooping dust; nylon brush head, strong cleaning, no damage to the desktop, so that dust can be hidden everywhere, learning is easier.

Key opening operation is simple

Get rid of the traditional wiping dust removal method, the debris and dust are no longer free of tongue, avoiding affecting the working and learning environment, and smoothing the vacuum with just one touch.

Small size in the village does not take up space

The shape design is small and beautiful, simple and stylish, in line with the current learning trend.


Name: NUSIGN Electric Pencil Sharpener
Item number: NSYP002
Material: Stainless steel, ABS resin
Size: 82 × 79x93mm
Color: White
Name: NUSIGN  Desktop Cleaner
Item number: NSYP002
Size: 82×82 × 60mm
Battery 5th battery X2 section (Not included)
Color :White
Name: NUSIGN  Electric Eraser
Item number: NSYP002
Size: 18 × 18x175mm
Battery: 7th battery X2 section (Not included)
Color: White