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Youpin Showsee Electric Hair Clipper Hair Trimmer Low Noise Adult Hair Cutting Machine Type C Fast Charging Barber Hair Shaving


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Power Type : Rechargeable/Electric Both Work
Voltage : Global Universal(100-240V)
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Charging Time : 1.5h
Usage Time : 45Mins
Target Audience : Universal

1.The new sliding limit comb self-locking device, two-way slide cover limit comb, integrated with the body, easy to complete the haircut

2.The ceramic moving blade and the stainless steel static blade can cope with different hair quality and volume. The fine comb teeth closely fit the scalp. The interlaced cutting is automatically grinded. It can keep sharp for long-term use. Different materials can reduce the temperature caused by double-cutter friction

3.Self-grinding is durable, wear-resistant and non-irritating to the skin. The blade and contact surface are designed with R-shaped rounded corners to fit the curve of human head

4.The inner liner of the motor has a waterproof design, no screws and simple dustproof design, which is very easy to clean


Brand : ShowSee 
Model : C2-W/C2-BK
Color : Black / White
Weight : 153g
Size : 171 x 22 x 46mm
Input Voltage : 100-240V / 50/60Hz
Output : 5V – 2000mAh
Battery  Capacity : 700mAh